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Tangled Manes wants all of our kids and teens to look and feel fantastic about their haircuts and styles. Here on the Tangled Manes blog, we’ll share some helpful children’s hair care and styling tips and techniques—as well as special events and other salon news. Check back often for how-to hair care posts, news on styling products and trends, and info for moms, dads, and kids.

Handling Children’s Hair Care Challenges

All kidding aside, a bad hair day for your kids means a hair care challenge for you. What do you do when your son decides to cut his own hair? How do you deal with kids and hair washing? Should you be concerned about your daughter’s hair growing in? Find out the best ways you […]

Calming Children’s Haircuts by Tangled Manes

We’ve all heard advice about keeping children calm during their haircuts…what to say, what to do, and what not to do. For some children, haircuts can be an intimidating experience, but they don’t need to be. At Tangled Manes, we take a confident, professional approach to children and their haircuts. Find out how our team […]

5 Summer Hair Care Tips for Children and Teens

High humidity, blistering temperatures, and outdoor activity can take a toll on children and their hair care. So how do you keep summer from cramping the style of your children’s hair? Discover five summer hair care tips to keep your kids looking their best this summer. Combat the Effects of Chlorine  Kids and swimming pools are […]

Tangled Manes Reveals New Look to Website

We’ve trimmed and polished, cut and styled. Today, we take off the apron and reveal a refreshed look to our Tangled Manes website, We thought carefully about what you—our moms, dads, and kids—would want from our website, and we’re pleased to walk you through some of the features you’ll find here. Tangled Manes Look […]