We’ve trimmed and polished, cut and styled. Today, we take off the apron and reveal a refreshed look to our Tangled Manes website, tangledmanes.com.

We thought carefully about what you—our moms, dads, and kids—would want from our website, and we’re pleased to walk you through some of the features you’ll find here.

Tangled Manes Look Book

Over the years, we’ve gotten a number of parents and kids who come to the salon in need of some haircut and hair style inspiration—and that’s the idea behind our new Look Book feature.

All of the styles you see in our Look Book were created by our stylists, and all of the faces of the children and teens here are actual customers. Need to see a detail shot or want to get a different angle on the hairstyle? Move your mouse or cursor over the image.

Hair Care Ideas on the Blog

Our stylists are parents too. We understand the concerns you have when you find out your son tried to be his own barber or your daughter decided to experiment with hair coloring. And we’ve faced the daily dilemma of trying to get girls’ braids to come out just right or getting your child prepped for school pictures.

Don’t panic! We’ll tackle some of these topics here on the blog and offer tips and techniques we use here in the salon and at home to help you handle the hair care emergencies and all the little haircut and styling conundrums that come up on a daily basis.

Have an idea for a post or video? Use our contact form or email info@tangledmanes.com.

Easy-to-Use Navigation

What more can we say? You’re busy, and you want to make the most of your time. That’s why we’ve designed our new website to get you to the features you need to find quickly.

Do you see the three horizontal lines at the top left side of the page? Click on the lines and you’ll get a full menu of links to take you where you need to go on the site.

On each page, an inviting, attractive layout serves as the background for information presentation—complete with photos from our redesigned interior space.

Open Hours at a Glance

“Are you open today? I need to get my child’s hair cut.” Now, you won’t have to guess about our hours. At the top of each page, you’ll find today’s hours so that you can make an appointment before you drive out to the salon.

Good Looks on Desktop, Phone, and Tablet

A responsive design makes this site easy to use on desktop, phone, and tablet. By having the site respond to your device, you’ll be able to find the information you need without a lot of unnecessary scrolling, pinching, and tapping.

Now that we’ve introduced you to the site, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Tell us what features you like and what you’d like to see. We hope you’ll enjoy the experience with our new site.