igh humidity, blistering temperatures, and outdoor activity can take a toll on children and their hair care. So how do you keep summer from cramping the style of your children’s hair? Discover five summer hair care tips to keep your kids looking their best this summer.

Combat the Effects of Chlorine 

Kids and swimming pools are practically inseparable in the summer. But overexposure to chlorine used in swimming pool water can weaken delicate hair. To combat the effects of chlorine, apply a pretreatment product in your kids’ hair before they dive into the pool.

Additionally, add a chlorine removal shampoo to your child’s hair care routine. Applying this product weekly can help strip away chlorine buildup.

A spray, leave-in conditioner can also create a barrier that will minimize the effects of chlorine on hair. If you don’t have a spray conditioner product, you can use a normal conditioner on the ends of your children’s hair before they go swimming.

Keep It Trimmed 

While slightly relaxed schedules may be the norm for summer days, don’t take a break from summer haircuts and trims. Regular trims are especially important for girls’ hair, as swimming, summer camp activities, and sun exposure can cause breakage. These trims will keep hair smooth and free of knots.

Put on a Hat 

Hats are not only for making a fashion statement; they’re also great for protecting the sensitive scalps of babies and young kids. Hats deflect some of the harsh rays of the sun, especially important when you and your family are out in the peak sunshine, roughly between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Wrangle the Tangles 

When sun and sweat come together, long hair can get tangled quickly. You and your daughter can take the away from pulling out knots and tangles by doing a little prestyling before you head outdoors. Braids are one of the easiest ways to keep long hair in shape, but if you don’t have time for the braids, wrapping the hair into a bun will do the trick.

Watch the Parts 

Even though you may think there’s not enough exposure to warrant a sunburn, the tiniest part of exposed scalp can burn without warning. Parts in hair can be especially vulnerable to sun exposure, so be sure to apply a bit of sunscreen along the part and reapply if your child will be outdoors for an extended length of time.

Don’t let summer crush your child’s style; with these hair care tips and techniques, you and your children will be able to make the most of the summer season without losing your cool over summer hair care. If your child needs a summer trim or some summer hair care help, be sure to give a member of our Tangled Manes styling team a call: 717-581-0600.