We’ve all heard advice about keeping children calm during their haircuts…what to say, what to do, and what not to do. For some children, haircuts can be an intimidating experience, but they don’t need to be. At Tangled Manes, we take a confident, professional approach to children and their haircuts. Find out how our team of stylists make calming children’s haircuts pleasant, plus discover some ways we make children with special needs feel at ease in the salon.

Confidence in Our Care

Over the years, we’ve found that the best way to approach children is with confidence and professionalism. Those key qualities help us help parents and children feel more comfortable about the experience. Our stylists are mothers themselves; we know what upsets children and what upsets us as well.

In doing so, we also help moms, dads, and kids feel more confident about the haircut overall. Sometimes, a new style or a new cut can leave everyone feeling a bit uneasy, but each of our stylists aims to instill a level of confidence in every child and teen we serve. We want everyone to walk out of this salon feeling good about the experience and haircut itself.

Dealing With Distractions

As a parent, you deal with distractions every day. So you might wonder how we deal with distractions here at Tangled Manes.

Not all distractions are necessarily negative. For a child who’s afraid, anxious, or in tears at the thought of a haircut, certain distractions can deflect some of that anxiety.

Each salon station has its own television, and we’ve had many a haircut session where we sang along to music videos. We’ve also used conversations and toys to keep children’s attention focused elsewhere during their haircuts.

Inside the salon, you’ll notice that our playroom is separated from the main salon stations. With that level of separation, we’ve found that children can focus more on their haircuts without getting distracted by the conversations and sounds coming from the playroom.

Naturally, not every child can feel comfortable sitting alone in the chair, putting on the cape, and being comfortable with our hair care equipment on a first-time visit or even a second-time visit. We like to gradually get children comfortable with these new experiences, rather than forcing them to do something they haven’t encountered before.

Over time, we’ve found children can adapt to sitting by themselves in the chair for their haircuts without having to be in mom or dad’s lap the entire time. Getting children used to being by themselves during their haircut ultimately helps make the experience calmer for both our stylists and children alike.

Special Considerations for Special Needs Children

We understand that children with special needs also need a special type of care and patience. That’s why we want to help create calming children’s haircuts for all of our customers.

We understand some children may like to watch a particular movie every time they come into the salon. Maybe some prefer a certain salon station or need to stand up while getting their hair cut. Overall, we want to make sure that every child, parent, and teen who comes into Tangled Manes is welcomed and respected.

Before your child’s first haircut, we encourage you and your child to come in and explore Tangled Manes yourself. We’re happy to take you for a tour of our space so that you and your children know what to expect before you arrive. If you have other concerns you want us to know, don’t hesitate to tell us.Together, we can help you and your child feel more comfortable and confident about calming children’s haircuts at Tangled Manes.