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All kidding aside, a bad hair day for your kids means a hair care challenge for you. What do you do when your son decides to cut his own hair? How do you deal with kids and hair washing? Should you be concerned about your daughter’s hair growing in? Find out the best ways you should handle the following three children’s hair care challenges.


It’s bound to happen: For whatever reason, your son or daughter decides to be a barber and hairdresser and lops off their locks.

Inevitably, we also get frantic calls from parents trying to figure out what to do with these home haircuts. Our Tangled Manes stylists try to best find a hairstyle that blends as nicely as possible with the work your child has done.

During your child’s hair appointment, we’ll figure out whether some bangs, a short bob, or a buzz cut might help. Sometimes, though, you’ll simply need to let the hair grow out normally. Granted, boys might look a bit embarrassing for a few weeks, and girls might need to be creative with their styling efforts.

Additionally, hair shampoos with keratin can help straighten hair and promote faster hair growth. Regular trims can also help the ends stay healthy as the hair rejuvenates itself. For girls, some pretty hair clips for every season and holiday can help with styling challenges as well while their hair is growing back.

Harried Hair Washing 

Let’s be honest: Kids are known for cutting corners on their chores, but cutting corners on hair washing shouldn’t be one of them.

Often, children and teens with longer hair might be tempted to wash only the top layers of hair and call it done. But making sure the shampoo gets around the scalp and hair line is super important to getting the head and scalp clean.

While showering, your kids should use a large-toothed comb to work the shampoo through their hair while they’re in the shower. If you notice your son or daughter has a buildup of shampoo on the scalp, you can shampoo the scalp with a mixture of shampoo and baking soda to loosen the buildup.

Without intervening, excess buildup on the scalp from improper shampooing can lead to extreme flakiness or sores on the scalp.

Getting Your Daughter’s Hair to Grow In 

We get asked a lot about younger girls and getting their hair to grow in. Keep in mind that hair can grow at different rates from child to child, so don’t get too worried that your daughter’s hair is taking some time to grow in.

So what can you do in the meantime? Keeping your daughter’s hair trimmed regularly can ensure her hair stays healthy. Additionally, applying some shampoo with a bit of keratin in it can help strengthen the hair and promote healthy growth.

Don’t let your child’s hair care problems throw you for a loop. No matter what hair issue comes your way, our Tangled Manes stylists are here to help. To schedule your child’s appointment, call us at 717-581-0600.