Here are some things to expect for your visit.

Before your appointment, you will be required to sign our online release form.
You can do that at by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

Please note our price changes.

Due to the extra PPE gear required to operate our new prices are as followed:

Baby (under 12 months) $15.00

Kids (1-12 years) $20.00

Teen Boys $23.00

Teen Girls $26.00

If you have an already purchased gift certificate we will be honoring the old prices.

When you arrive, PLEASE stay in your vehicle.
Your stylist will come out to greet you.

Please be early! If you are not there when your stylist comes to greet you, you WILL have to reschedule.

Masks are required. If you do not have one we will provide it for you.

Upon entry, there will be a mandatory, touch-free, temperature check as well as a sanitizing station. Any temperatures above 99.9 will have to be rescheduled.

To maintain the mandatory 50% occupancy order, there will only be one adult per one child in the salon per stylist.
If you have multiple children that are scheduled, they will need to wait in the vehicle with another adult or be scheduled at a different time.

The playrooms are temporarily closed.

If your child prefers a toy to distract them during a haircut, please bring one with you.

Please arrive with your hair clean and free of products.

We will not be doing any hair washing unless completely necessary at this time.

To try to limit the spread of airborne particles, we will not be doing any hair drying.

All stations, chairs, and tools will be sanitized between each client.

The bathrooms will be sanitized every 30 mins.

Please Note: Because of the nature of Covid-19 and its symptoms, your appointment may have to be cancelled at the last minute if your stylist begins to show symptoms.

Mask Information

Unfortunately, the PA State Board of Cosmetology states in their guidelines that masks have to be worn at all times by everyone over the age of two. Ages 3 and up have to be able to wear a mask for their entire visit.
If the service cannot be done without a mask on, it is restricted.

Failure to do so would include a fine and /or license suspension.

Being a children's salon makes this very very difficult and heartbreaking for us. We miss all of our clients so much.
But we cannot risk losing our salon.

We ask that you wear a mask with straps around the ears.
If you do not have one, we will provide you with one.

For short haircuts, we will remove the strap around the ears one at a time to work around the mask. Or you will have the option to hold it in place with medical tape.

The latest news from the PA State Board is that if your child cannot wear a mask, we will need a doctors note saying they are exempt from wearing one.

We will be reaching out to the PA State Board of Cosmetology again this week to try to get more information on the mask issue.

We apologize again and we hope we can go back to normal soon.